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Released by DMTapes: DMT-002 // htrspltn - Oмут

An anthology release from the very talented artist, htrspltn. A collection of 26 tracks + 2 digital, bonus tracks (produced between 2012-2014) have been selected from 15 previously released projects by htrspltn. Seamlessly woven together, this anthology paves an audio-mosaic abyss of otherworldly craft that is the deep web of thought known as 'htrspltn.'

The development of htrspltn's lyricism is described as a removal of any differences between internal and external experience. Identity becomes an endless extension...

“htrspltn himself is a complex web of thoughts, feelings, and associations. There’s a sense of morbid beauty.” - Ivan Zhurovich

…a complex web of thoughts, feelings, and associations.
Beauty and morbidity are conflated by htrspltn’s discussion of the bodily differences between “inside” and “out” -- or, more accurately, by speaking of their erasure:

“htrspltn is somewhat like a pornographic actor--except for the fact those people offer audiences their naked body, whereas htrspltn offers, instead, the nakedness of internal experience."

1 hr, 37 min.