V.A. "Kin" 2xCS

V.A. "Kin" 2xCS

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Released by DMTapes: DMT-000 // kin -- an initial, compilation release from d m t カセットテ ープ

44 tracks in total // 11 tracks exclusive to cassette

d m t カセットテ ープ proudly presents a diverse collection of talented, experimental musicians -- each specifically chosen for their ability to consistently radiate a distinctive sound through their artwork.

Special thanks to all kin involved in the project.

Bonus, cassette-exclusive 'G-side':

G01 KAGAMI Smile. - F O O T E N H A N C E R
G02 sbwy - s l o w r o m a n t i q u e
G03 htrspltn - something beautiful is far away
G05 FarragoL - Try_
G06 LoVibe. - ya playin
G07 Ahwlee - 25th.94
G08 Wiardon - Reelfeelin
G09 Awlnight - art faire
G10 SELA. - too far (my everything)
G11 zeroh - caliwest

A collaborative work between 45 artists from 9 various countries :

Belarus, England, France, Japan, New Zealand,
Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA

1 hr, 48 min.

Download/Stream: https://dmtapes.bandcamp.com/album/kin
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