MICHAELANGELO "Commerciante D'Arte" VINYL 7"

MICHAELANGELO "Commerciante D'Arte" VINYL 7"

20 EUR15 EUR
2nd part of Fxck Rxp's 7" series dedicated to the producers. Comes in a foldout cover with 4 different artworks (courtesy of SHK), each track got its own.

Limited to 500 copies

-200 black (100 with OBI, 100 black without OBI strictly for my wholesalers)
-100 gold
-050 orange transparent
-050 lila transparent
-050 darkgreen opaque
-050 darkblue transparent

Side A
Track 01 CRIMEAPPLE Chepe
Track 02 CRIMEAPPLE Chepe Remix

Side B
Track 01 ESTEE NACK Excellence (Visual for Excellence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN5GACzYQKA)
Track 02 RIGZ Leaps

Entirely produced by MICHAELANGELO

Download/Stream: https://fxckrxp.bandcamp.com/album/commerciante-darte

Bandcamp codes available