ETO & VDON "Omertà: The Film" CD

ETO & VDON "Omertà: The Film" CD

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Earlier this year Rochester MC Eto and Harlem producer V Don teamed up on their cinematic collaboration EP "Omertà: The Film", proving they are within the young veterans keeping hip-hop alive and well in 2017. The joints featured on this EP showcase the perfect mix of V Don's producer skills with Eto's raw street chronicles. Featuring guest appearences by the likes of Meyhem Lauren, Willie The Kid, Jai Black and Daniel Son, as well as 4 bonus tracks not featured on the original release, "Omertà: The Film" is a record set to stand the test of time, immediately drawing attention of worldwide hip-hop heads to the two New Yorkers.

Limited to 200 copies.

Download/Stream: https://fxckrxp.bandcamp.com/album/omert-the-film-cd

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