CHONG WIZARD "The Last Mixtape" CD

CHONG WIZARD "The Last Mixtape" CD

15 EUR
The CD comes packaged in a high quality 4 panel digipak.
Featuring amazing artwork by Dan Evans.
Limited edition of only 250 CDs. 

01. DJ Chong Wizard, Ras Kass & Black Ryan – The Last Mixtape (prod. by Ro Data)
02. Ras Kass, Planet Asia & Willie The Kid – One With The Force (prod. by Biddim Riddim & DJ Chong Wizard)
03. Ty Farris & Waterr – Feeling Like Yoda (prod. by Unjust)
04. Eto & Recognize Ali – Swear On My Pops (prod. by Unjust)
05. TED-D – The Light Sabre (prod. by TED-D)
06. Vic Spencer & Chris Crack – Ewoks (prod. by Unjust)
07. Daniel Son, PhybaOptikz, SmooVth & Blizz – Jedi Force (prod. by Giallo Point)
08. Ras Kass – Use The Force (prod. by sadhugold.)
09. King Magnetic, Recognize Ali & Jos Rockwell – War Wit Da Starz (prod. by Clypto)
10. SageInfinite – Jedi March (prod. by Ro Data)
11. TED-D – War In The Stars (prod. by TED-D)
12. Heem Stogied – Life is Narrow (prod. by EyeDee)
13. DJ Chong Wizard & Killa Kali – Decapitate Lord Sith (prod. by sadhugold.)
14. The Commissioner & Killa Kali – Boonta Eve Classic (prod. by DirtyDiggs)
15. Lou Hefner & Jos Rockwell – Lazer Swords (prod. by sadhugold.)
16. Chronic Tone & Paranom – Sith Lord Steps (prod. by Chronic Tone)
17. Pure Math – The Sith Code (prod. by ChinaWhite)
18. Jon reX – Order 66 (prod. by Ro Data)
19. Raa D – Padawan Son (prod. by Ro Data)
20. Tesla’s Ghost – Imperial Star Destroyer (prod. by TXDD VILLAIN)
21. Jermiside, Zilla Rocca & junclassic – Comic Book Recommendations (prod. by Biddim Riddim)
22. Yamin Semali & Lazurus – Know That (remix)
23. Bigg Tae, Eddie K & Myke N Iyke – Forcin’ (prod. by Biddim Riddim)
24. Nump – Han Solo (prod. by DJ Chong Wizard)
25. Ras Kass – Outro (prod. by Brice Luther)

Download/Stream: https://chongwizard.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-mixtape