BIG LOVE "Representin' Real" CD (OG Pressing, 1997)

BIG LOVE "Representin' Real" CD (OG Pressing, 1997)

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Big Love is a gangsta rap artist from the Northside of Houston, Texas. 
His debut album "Representin' Real" was released in 1997 and featured appearances by D of Trinity Garden Cartel, Lil' Vesta, Lil' C and Amazon.

Top notch production from Sean "Solo" Jemison who brought you ESG's Swangin and Bangin and countless other hits from Lil Ke Ke, Z-Ro and the S.U.C. Production credits to Archie "DJ Blast" Jackson who banged out beats for the Wreckless Clan, scratches from platinum DJ and Producer Grim (Wanna Be A Balla) and production from platinum producer Michael "Mike B" Banks (Mike Jones, Big Mike and more). You add the veteran lyrical skills of Big Love with this team of hit producers and it is no doubt why Representin' Real is one of the top albums to be released from the city of Houston!

ORIGINAL PRESS from 1997, Unlimited Records.